Show Calendar


Bandit Jam Sesh

First and third Mondays at 7pm
The Pocket Theater
(8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle)

Yeeehaw! Come on down ever other Monday at the Pocket Theater to Bandit's Jam Sesh! Bring your own team to do a five minute set, sign up as a single to play in a jam team, or do both! This is a supportive and fun pay what you want event. Come get silly with us!


Bring Back the 90s

Oh snap! Bandit Theater presents: Bring Back the 90s! the most bangin' improv show in Seattle! Dig out your walkman and your hammer pants as we relive one of the most iconic (and embarrassing) decades with a night of fully improvised comedy based on music videos from the glory days of TRL. It'll be all that and a bag of chips.


The Reader

Half tarot. Half comedy. The Reader exists at the intersection of turbulence and calm. This divine improv comedy show will help you gain clarity, find relief and feel empowered. Reveal the abundant Empress, uncover the wise Hierophant, discover the adventurous Chariot and more.

Have your tarot cards read! Discuss how they apply to your life! Then laugh as a team of improvisers brings your reading to life!


Channel Surfers

Hilarious couch surfing hosts take audiences through TV Guides of years past as improvisers create lost episodes of TV’s forgotten bombs. A trip through time back to Saturday mornings with a bowl of Froot Loops or long afternoons playing hooky with the best of trash TV. The Emmy’s may have overlooked these shows and, well, so did we. We may not know what these shows are about but that won’t stop our improvisers from creating them with little more than a title and a dream!